Situational Leadership® Workshops

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 9 September 2016
Situational Leadership® Workshops

While most Influence 3 workshops are conducted on-site for client organisations, occasional public Situational Leadership® workshops are offered throughout the year. Our next public Situational Leadership® workshop will be in Sydney on Thursday 27 October.

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Focus for Success

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 7 September 2016
Focus for Success
It's probably not surprising that one of the most high-value and important principles of productivty and performance is also one of the most challenging. Focus is the "open secret" to improving performance and productivity. But in the context of our information-overloaded, constant interruption and fractured attention working environments it's hard to maintain. Which is why it's important to .. focus on it. Over five years, the Gensler organisation surveyed 90,000 p...
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Succeeding through the middle

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 7 August 2013
She calls it "Kanter's Law": "Everything looks like a failure in the middle."  In a Harvard Business Review article in 2009  Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote that "Everyone loves inspiring beginnings and happy endings; it is just the middles that involve hard work." It's an interesting thought and the principle does seem to apply to most changes or new approaches we take, whether in our business or our personal lives. The initial decisions and commi...
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