Time to recalibrate

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 21 February 2019
New years often start with new (or renewed) resolutions. And that's good. Here's a slight variation on that: the idea of "recalibrating" ourselves for the new year. Indeed, consciously recalibrating ourselves any time we're approaching change or new opportunities: a new role, a new challenge, a new project, a new phase of a project, a presentation, a meeting, a new week, or even a new day. Two powerful personal calibrations that can be applied at both macro an...
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What's the time telling you?

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 18 September 2018
At some point when we were young we learned to tell the time. For those of us of a certain age that meant working out what the "big hand" and the "little hand" on the clock meant. In the digital age it's more a case of interpreting the numbers I guess. Being able to "tell the time" is an important skill. It helps us schedule, plan, monitor, and coordinate our activities with others. A sense of time helps us develop patterns of activity and daily rhythms. ...
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Is that comfort zone past its use-by date?

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 28 August 2018
Comfort is a state we typically aspire to. Financial comfort. Physical comfort. Emotional comfort. Social comfort. We like our comfort zones. But ... (you knew it was going to get uncomfortable) ... "The more comfortable we are, the harder it is to change." As the world's leading executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith speaks with authority, having spent decades coaching successful people to get even better. To change. And that requires getting them outside their comfort zones....
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Just a second ...

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 3 July 2018
We get 86,400 of them every day. Seconds. We barely notice them. But a lot can happen in a second. In one second our Earth will travel 29 kilometres on its trip around the Sun. Thirty stars will explode. There will be 40,000 Google searches. Ten thousand Cokes will be consumed. Three hundred websites will be created. Four babies will be born. Two people will die. More than one plane will take off. Your heart will (probably) beat at least once. It may not sound like much but that seco...
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EQ and leadership style

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 6 June 2018
I sometimes start leadership workshops with a simple question: "What's the positive difference this thing called 'leadership' actually makes?" Another way of thinking about it is to ask what we wouldn't have if we didn't have leadership. ypically, a handful of key words or terms emerge from the small group discussions: Direction. Support. Motivation/Morale. Development. Sometimes we engage in some debate around whether people need external motivation or w...
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