In coaching and teaching coaching skills for nearly ten years, I continue to be amazed at its power in unlocking potential and generating creative thinking.

Coaching is a crucial skill for managers who want to focus on a core aspect of their jobs: developing talent. So coaching workshops in addition to one-to-one coaching for managers can add a highly valuable skill to an organisation's toolkit for people development. Managers who can coach well can shift the focus from the negative connotations of "performance management" to the much more positive aspects of talent development, collaborative problem solving and ongoing creative conversations.

Coaching encompasses and harnesses:
Focused attention - raising awareness of key issues that are blocking growth and development or strengths that aren't being leveraged
Intentional action - committing to purposeful and strategic follow through that delivers positive change.
"When done well, coaching boosts not just employees' capabilities but also their self-confidence, helping them function both more autonomously and at a higher level," wrote Daniel Goleman in The New Leaders (2002). "... the coaching style may not scream 'bottom-line results', but in a surprising indirect way, it delivers them."
I or one of my experienced coaching colleagues can help you and your team with:
One to one coaching
Manager as Coach skill development workshops

Whether coaching is done by an external coach or a manager-coach, it offers some great advantages:
It can be customised and tailored to individual developmental needs. 
It is flexible in terms of delivery and timing.
It is a supportive and focused activity that helps the individual optimise their time, attention and effort.

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NEW ... Situational Leadership® and Coaching

Coaching to Build Capacity is the Center for Leadership Studies' follow-up workshop to the foundational Building Leaders program. It's a great way to apply the Situational Leadership® model to coaching, with practical reinforcement of the principles and opportunities to apply the coaching framework to both simulated and real-life situations. 

Effective coaching promotes creativity, performance excellence and individual resilience qualities that enhance your organization's ability to excel within an environment of continuous change and gain a competitive edge.

Coaching to Build Capacity is a one-day, activity-driven workshop that immerses participants in Situational Leadership® and its application in challenging coaching situations. Your leaders will be exposed to various coaching tools as well as a framework proven to unlock and maximize the capabilities of their teams, building their individual and collective capacity for higher levels of current and future performance. This workshop is highly interactive and blends case study vignettes with feedback-based practice sessions.

Through Coaching to Build Capacity, your leaders will learn how Situational Leadership® can not only make you an effective leader but also an effective coach.

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