Reconnecting leadership

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 9 May 2018
The rise of leadership as an object of our collective fascination has coincided precisely with the decline of leadership in our collective estimation," says Harvard Kennedy School lecturer and founder of the Center for Public Leadership Barbara Kellerman. Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Graduate School professor agrees. "I look at the data," he told the Financial Times. "So the data say engagement is low and trust in leaders is low; that isn't cynical, that's the ...
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Seeking perspectives

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 11 April 2018
Autumn leaves, bin chickens and perspective ... In Canberra recently, I took a walk outside to enjoy the crisp, clear autumn air, breathing in the change of season, and admiring the early falling leaves of autumn. They're not as common a sight where I live (and certainly not this early in the year) so I took some photos: leaves on the trees, leaves on the lawn, leaves on the path. I was fascinated by the leaves. And then I noticed one of the hotel staff sweeping the leaves off the...
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Manage Your E-bank

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 7 March 2018
We all have the same amount of time, but we also know that within that time we can get more or less done depending on our energy levels. And yet we tend to look at the clock a lot more than we pay attention to our energy account; we try to manage time when we'd be better managing our energy. Dr Alan Watkins offers a useful technique to help with this in his book, Coherence: The secret science of brilliant leadership. His work is based on the idea of coherence: "in essence, the...
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Growth, time and attention

Posted on 22 February 2018
Towards the end of his memoir, Shoe Dog, Nike founder Phil Knight tells of a conversation with the CEO of Nissho, Masuro Hayami. He describes him as "Perhaps the wisest man I ever knew". As they sat in a hot tub after a barbecue in the backyard of Hayami's beach house near Atami, Japan, Knight was complaining about the challenges he faced at Nike even after taking the Nike company public. "We have so much opportunity," he told Hayami. "But we're having a ...

Hits, Misses, and Wishes

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 12 December 2017
Around this time of year I often ask people I'm coaching to think about their "hits, misses, and wishes". It's a simple way of taking a snapshot of the year and framing some celebration, learning and planning in the transition to a new year. So ... What have been your "hits" this year? The things that have gone well, that have been successful, that you would mark down as achievements? What are you proud of? How have you improved? This morning I recei...
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