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Valuing the power of everyday influence

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 14 December 2016
Valuing the power of everyday influence

Whether we think about value at the organisational, team or individual level, value is at the heart of our performance, contribution and effectivenss every day. It's a key to sustained success. Indeed, it's a key to survival.

But value is not just something to consider through the lens of business or organisational strategy. Value is not simply about price or function or savings or systems. Value is also an everyday activity, reflected in nearly everything we do. And, importantly, in the way we do it.

Each individual's everyday, personal influence carries enormous potential value: for their effectiveness, for their team's or project's productivity and for their organisation's performance and culture. That's why "influence" is often used as a foundational definition of "leadership".

Our individual, personal, everyday influence is at the heart of our "value proposition" - whether that be as managers, team members, service providers, or technical specialists. The value we offer and deliver is determined by the recipients of that experience. And our value proposition or potential can be optimised and expanded or diluted and eroded by the way in which we influence those we interact with.

Think for a moment about some of the contexts in which we influence others - formally and informally, intentionally and unintentionally.

We may have a seat at the board or leadership team table. We may be a member of a project team. We may be a manager coordinating the work of many others. We may be on the front line of the business, creating first impressions with customers. We may be the person who keeps a workplace clean and healthy. We may help someone decide what product to buy. We may deliver or install that product for someone. We may make someone's first cup of coffee for the day. We may be the voice (or email address) colleagues reach out to when their IT doesn't work. We may own the business. We may recruit for the business. We may pay the bills for the business.

No matter what it is we do or what our position title says, people experience what we do and who we are through how we do things. The value of our influence - in every instance and every context - is found in how our behaviour and communication affects others. Their experience of us and with us influences their response, their future interactions and expectations. And the ripple effect means our influence on others extends to at least 3 degrees.

That's influence. And that's where great everyday value lives - or dies. Personal, individual, everyday influence is a powerful potential source of value to organisations, to teams, to projects and to our professional reputations. 

When we value the power of everyday influence - in ourselves, in those we manage, in those we work alongside - we'll find it increases the value of all we do.
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