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Influence 3: connect, communicate, collaborate.

Influence 3 is about helping individuals, teams and organisations "connect, communicate and collaborate" more effectively. We're also proud to be the Australia and New Zealand Global Affiliate for the Center for Leadership Studies, providing Situational Leadership® workshops as well as other great programs focusing on leadership, communication and coaching.

My commitment is to provide you with quality, practical training and coaching services that will help your current and emerging leaders improve and grow.  Among the range of services Influence 3 offers are Communication @ Work sessions - focusing on individual and team communication, professional writing techniques, or presentation skills; The Leadership Circle profile - for manager and leader development; Coaching for Results - individual coaching and coaching skills for managers; DiSC or Team Management profiling - for improving individual and team connections, communication and collaboration; and Leading with Emotional Intelligence, incorporating the EQ-i 2.0 instrument. I also work with a select range of other coaches and partners to provide specialist services in operational excellence and strategic HR.

Together, these tailored programs can help your current and emerging leaders and their teams connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively.

Find out more about these programs or call me to discuss your team's specific requirements.

- Aubrey Warren

And take a look at this great 5-minute interview with Marshall Goldsmith about the power and value of Situational Leadership® ... 

Developing individuals, teams and organisations across Australia and New Zealand ...

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Educating, Equipping, Encouraging

3 Steps for the Places You'll Go

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 3 July 2017
"Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act"  (Dr Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go.) ...
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Managing three levels of focus

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 19 June 2017
This article is brought to you, as Sesame Street says, by the letter M. In fact, by three sets of the letter M. And by the idea of focus.
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Make it easier

Posted by Aubrey Warren on 23 May 2017
"What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem." This simple statement from Chip and Dan Heath's book Switch: ...
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